Photography has been my lifelong passion. I was barely walking when someone hung a camera around my neck, and though as a toddler I couldn't operate it, it predicted the course of my future.  From photographing celebrities in Southern California to photographing the wilds of Alaska and the antiquities of Greece, I and my camera have had many great adventures.  

 Along my  journey I've accrued additional passions:  African drumming, letterpress printing, lampwork bead-making, metalsmithing,  and creating  jewelry incorporating the latter two elements. 

My photographic images  have  migrated  to various corners  of the world to be displayed such  places as French chateaus, Scottish castles, and Japanese homes.

In recent years, my beads have done the same, and it pleases me to know that someone in Myanmar who I'll never meet, received some of my beads as a gift, and someone else,  on the Navajo reservation, received one of my beads as part of a healing ceremony.

My home base is in the rainshadow of the eastern Sierra Nevada,  and I am fortunate to enjoy a community of working artists and musicians who share my passions.


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" A thing of beauty is a joy forever..." John Keats Endymion‚Äč (1818)

Beverly Schroeder